New Blog on Platinum/Palladium Printing

I just started a new blog devoted to platinum/palladium printing, where I will be posting about techniques, as well as events and interviews with other platinum/palladium printers and their work.Platinum:Palladium Printing blog Why not just post more about the technical aspects here on my current blog? From the start, I always planned on keeping my personal blog devoted to updates on my work, aesthetic issues, and my thoughts on photography in general. Over the last few years I have become passionaly involved with platinum/palladium printing and want to share what I have learned to the growing number of people beginning to work with the process. With a separate blog, those who only want to read about that can do so without the updates on my personal work, which is becoming more diverse as I incorporate digital appropriation, mixed media, and video installation with my more traditional forms of photographing and print making.