Who doesn't like the smell of a hot dry mount press at 4AM

It must be the night before a trip. Why else would I be mounting prints at 4AM? In a few hours, I am going to be driving with the photographer, Joe Freeman, to Louisville, Kentucky for the 5th Annual View Camera Conference. This is going to be our first long trip together since we drove out West and Baja California in 2003, and this one should be a blast. Personally, I think the first View Camera Conference  that was held in Albuquerque in 2002 was the only one that was really good, with each conference that followed being a little less special. This one is taking place during Louisville's two-month photography festival, and there should be great shows all over town.

But, the reason for going to Louisville isn't really for the conference. It just serves as a place and reason to meet up with other photographer friends to drink beer, make pictures and look at prints. Maybe even sell one if I'm lucky  (and that is the reason why the dry mount press was putting in some overtime).