Re-introducing my blog . . . again . . .

Since I started this blog, I have been wondering what I should title it. Not wanting to give it a pretentious, misleading, inaccurate or clichéd title, I simply called it "Richard Boutwell- Blog." I'm changing all that now. And yes, it might just seem to contradict everything above. Who really cares.

During some recent reading, and even more thinking about what I am really doing with my work, I came across this quote by the painter, John Marin: "Art is just a series of natural gestures." It really sums up how I work and what it is I find myself responding to— in people, in life, and in art.

To start off with a new theme, "I LIKE THIS," here is a picture by Robert Adams from his series on the L.A. Basin. Devoid of irony or cynicism (unlike so much photography of late), this is evocative, visually complex, and is an example of something integral to art making and viewing— that being sensitivity.

San Timoteo Canyon

Robert Adams Edge of the San Timoteo Canyon, San Bernardino County, California 1978 © Robert Adams