The reason behind this severe lack of new blog posts is due to the enormous amount of work I've been doing to prepare for this weekend's Philadelphia Open Studio Tours. Between moving from Philadelphia to Bucks County, getting my new work printed, and helping with some work on Project Basho's new exhibition space, there has been little time for extra curricular activities and the blog has suffered immensely. There will be new regular blog posts post POST, so sit tight. I am excited to have the opportunity to show many more photographs than I can usually carry when I visit people, and have the wall space to show some of my newest work—20x24-inch enlargements from my 8x10-inch negatives. The first time anyone has seen this work was last week at POST's Preview Invitational at Freeman's auction house, and there was an incredibly good reaction to the print I had there on display. Until recently, I had not considered making prints larger than a contact print, but the information in the 8x10 negative and the increasing complexity of my work lends itself well to the process. One reason I will continue to drive to Philadelphia to print at Project Basho is because it allows me the capability of making enlargements from my negatives without having to construct a special darkroom or hire out the work. I look forward to when Tsuyoshi completes construction in his new building and has the facilities of making much larger mural-sized prints. Until then, 8x10 and 20x24 will have to do.