Versailles 2005-2007

A Portfolio of 10 Photographs


On my first trip to France for Paris Photo in the fall of 2004 I made a short trip to Versailles. Wandering the all but deserted gardens, I discovered that all the marble statues were covered for protection during the winter.  I fell in love with the covered statues as they became mysterious solitary sculpture with beauty completely independent of that of the underlying statues.

I returned to Paris in the fall of 2005, and spent a few days photographing at Versailles— producing a number pictures. When I first showed the finished prints to close friends they encouraged me to investigate the subject further, and I returned in the fall of 2006 and again in 2007 to continue the series. 

The photographs here were published as a portfolio of 4-inch prints in platinum/palladium and archival carbon pigment in the Fall of 2012. The portfolios are available in two editions. 1) Edition of 10 portfolios printed in platinum/palladium, available for $3600, 2) Edition of 25 portfolios printed in carbon pigment for $500. The Platinum/Palladium prints are available for individual purchase as well for $500 each. Please inquire for availability.