New Work — Remote Sensing 2008-2012

Bushveld Complex, South Africa I just updated my website with recent prints from a series I have been working with on and off for the past four years, which I first posted about two years ago in response to Gursky's Oceans series.

This body of work evolved as an extension of my conventional photographic work looking at man's relationship with the environment and landscape. While I continue to work in the mode of direct connection and interaction with the world through the camera, this series uses appropriated satellite and high-altitude aerial images from Google Earth as source material for making high-resolution files images that I digitally manipulate and then print in platinum-palladium. I chose the platinum-palladium process primarily for the rich depth of its beautiful, warm tonal scale, and its unsurpassed stability and archival properties. In these photographs, beauty and permanence stand in juxtaposition to the impermanence of the purely digital source material, the nature of the subject, and the changing world itself.

Trinity Test Site

Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Black Thunder Thermal Coal Mine, Wyoming