Sol Invictus—Installation Views

28 Sunrises, 2012 installation view

For the past few years I have been altering satellite images appropriated from scientific and mapping applications, first with Google Earth, stitching hundreds of images and altering them to be printed in platinum/palladium, and now compositing images of the sun from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite.

With these new large-scale photo-based installations I manipulate appropriated images of the sun and print on clear film backed with gold leaf. The series stems from origins in ancient sun worship and its evolution to the worship of gold and to what could now be seen as the worship of technology. Dependence on technology, and the potentially devastating effect this year’s solar storms could have on it, caused me to look more closely to the sun, and reexamine that original idea of the Invincible Sun.

The nature of the gold leaf makes photographing them difficult, and I am working on scanning some of the larger ones, and will update my website with more from the series soon. Until then, here are a few installation views from the August show at Philadelphia's 3rd Street Gallery.

Installation View, 28 Sunrises, 2012

instation view detail, 28 Sunrises, 2012

Installation view, 3 X-class solar flares