Objects of Our Discontent

I will have a few of my Mojave Desert Artifacts photographs in a pop-up group show that will be in Bethlehem, PA on February 7, and then go to be on view in Philadelphia, New York City, and again for a full month in Bethlehem at the end of the tour. 

BH Studio
945 Bethlehem Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18017
February 7th, 6-10pm

Tour runs February through April 2015
Other cities, venues, and dates to be announced.

Chaz Hampton
Liz Wheeler
Kim Christman
Richard Boutwell
Andrew Lamberson


From the New Vox Gallery Website:

This pop up art show explores our nations relationship with firearms, as well as, the political and cultural issues surrounding this relationship. Five artists examine the symbolism, fascination, and frustration inherent in this subject matter while working with this familiar imagery in a whimsical or sometimes surreal fashion. Each artist has envisioned and created unique pieces such as white ceramic pistols, stacks of golden shotgun shells made from paper coin rolls, images of children playing with water guns, reinterpreted American flags, and more.

This exhibition takes a non-bias stance seeking to engage, educate, and provoke deeper thought and reflection of the issues. The exhibition will be a seamless fusion of art and text. Installed next to each piece of art will be one of the following; firearm statistics, laws and legislations, commentary and prospectives on gun control and gun rights.

The purpose of the exhibit is to build bridges and inspire people to look at the facts on both sides of the debate, hopefully, causing them to think deeply and objectively about their own position or to form one if they haven’t already.