Portfolio Reviews

The registration for the portfolio reviews at Magnum, Atlanta Celebrates Photography and Houston FotoFest is now occurring. I have been debating the importance of going to these events at this point in my career. People I speak with about it say it is too expensive compared to the possible benefits of my attendance this year. For the most part, I agree, but there is another part of me that is hungry to have my work noticed. That is my impatient self. My practical self knows that for what I would spend on FotoFest, I could make two separate trips to California to continue photographing for the Lower Owens River Project. I will, however, continue going to the SPE portfolio reviews

Thinking about these reviews has brought up the question, "Where does my work fit in with the photographs that are currently being shown and published?"

I think that is a subject that requires a full night's rest and a pot of strong coffee before I can even think about tackling it.