Nearly all my photography has been black and white, but for the last six months or so I have had the urge to work in color. I have found that I had to retrain myself to "see" in color, and to do so I have been making Polaroid Spectras for the last four months. I really began in March on a road trip through the South for the SPE National Conference in Miami. I know, I should have used digital, but I still find that holding a print in my hand is far more exciting than trying to see what I did on the back of a camera or a laptop (and furthermore, the only digital camera I own is on my phone). Funny story: While I was photographing in the Keys a woman asked me if my Polaroid camera was a "Really old digital camera" and my reply was, "Yeah, it's old school digital."

I have my holders loaded with color film and I have summoned the courage to expose them over the next few days (now all I need is the money to get them developed . . .)

But until then, here is a diptych I recently made in South Philly (or is it Queen Village?).