Photogasm* 1: Caused by seeing something that makes you shoot, or want to shoot, all your film. Is recognizable by dialated apertures, quick shutters, and passionate "OH MY GOD!!!"s and "DID YOU SEE THAT!??!"s. Note: Can be very dangerous while driving, especially while at high speeds. (Not to be confused, as it is in the Urban Dictionary, with chimping-- looking at the LCD of a digital camera while making an oo-oo-oo sound)

2: The result of photographing very intensely, where everything seen leads to making an amazing, life-altering photograph. Usually, after such a picture, little else can be done for the rest of the day. Note: In The United States, a photogasm usually occurs after coffee. In Iceland, a photogasm is always followed by a coffee.

*the term was first introduced to the world of New Richard by Kara LaFleur