House Hunting or Why I Can't Stand Living in the City

There are some people who love living in the city, and there are some who, as much as they love all the city has to offer, can't. I am of the latter. Even though the city's diversity of people and culture is much more accessible than it is out in the country, the city is dirty, smelly, and unceasingly noisy. There are the small slivers and glimpses of beauty, but those are not enough to off-set what I feel is the inescapable chaos that greets me every waking moment. So, after weighing all the benefits of living in the city over the country, I decided my mental well-being is more important than having the Turkish place right around the corner, or the option of seeing a show any night of the week (and honestly, as an artist, I am usually working when everyone else is going out anyway). The train into the city is only 20 minutes away and it is only an hour's drive. Plus, going into the city with a purpose will make any visit worth while, rather than daunting feeling I currently have living there.



So, long-story-short, I spent the entire day looking at new places to live out Bucks County. I made a few digi-pics to show my future house-mate, which reminded me of the Real Estate Photographs of Henry Wessel. Here is a nice little NY Times article about him from last year.