Pre-POST Recap

Thursday: 7PM-1AM (Friday): 3rd coat of mud in new gallery space, discover that I am not all that comfortable on a 12" beam 8' off the deck, drive home with extremely sore shoulders and neck

2PM: Cutting overmats for prints, praying that 24x52" overmat doesn't get damaged in transit.

3PM: Sanding new gallery space, feeling slightly more comfortable at previously mentioned height.

7PM: Drive home to eat and shower. Pick, mat, and frame show- a certain all-nighter follows


10AM: Load show into car, and drive to Philadelphia (1Redbull, 1 Pot of Coffee, and 1/2 box of Pop'ems later)

11AM: arriving to find the gallery space smelling of fresh paint, and lights being hung.

11:15 AM: begin placing and hanging show. 2- 24x28s, 1-24x52, 8-16x18s double hung. Realize the floor rises 3"

3PM: Finish hanging show, remove scaffolding, and adjust lights. Realize the space and the show look amazing. Wish that someone has a digital camera.

6PM: finally sit down, drink a beer

7PM: begin drive home

7:30 PM: stop to sleep in parking lot