A life in photography actually involves little photographing

Andrea Modica was out on Monday putting together her next book with Lodima Press, and I got to see some work by her that is hardly ever seen by the larger public. Her portraits of High School girls from the 80s are freakin great, and I hope there is a book of those someday. This morning I was in the woods with the chain saw, cutting downed and dead trees and hauling them to the pick-up so I could later cut them into logs for the fire. I realized there is so much I do that is not at all related to photography, but informs and influences what I do as a photographer, so why not photograph those things? Thinking back now, I realize the way I was experiencing the woods today was partially influenced by some of Andrea's photographs I saw on Monday.

Here are two Fuji Instaxs I made today (more about that instant print endeavor later when I get a chance to scan some of the hundred or so I made on my recent trip out west). Instead of using this format for these kind of pictures, I think I will carry around my handheld 4x5. At least in addition to the Polaro . . .excuse me, Instax (who knows if anyone will ever get used to that one . . . )