Photo-Review 2008 Competition Winners

I finally got a chance to look through the new issue of the Photo-Review—the edition with the 2008 competition winners. I didn't think about the printing being only greyscale until I went to the website to insert some images into this post. I realized most of the selections were originally in color. What was more interesting to me was the images I would not have given a second look as color photographs I found more interesting when presented in black and white and vice versa. Here are a few of what I think are the real gems. Kimberly Witham, Transcendence (Sleeping Squirrel) Digital chromogenic print, 10x10

Laurie Lambrecht, Lake Trees #16, 2004 Archival pigment print, 20x30

Joyce Mayer, NOMA #2 Archival inkjet print, 41x26