Daniel Shea Print Sale 2010

For those who have not heard, Daniel Shea is having a fund raising print sale to help offset the cost of his new series, Plume— an extension of his work documenting the devastating coal mining practices in (Re)moving Mountains. What I have always admired about Daniel's work is his dedication to the subject, and the thoroughness in the way he approaches his projects. He brings nothing less to this series.

Cheshire, Ohio, 2010Cheshire, Ohio, 2010

This new series focuses on two communities surrounded by several coal-fired power-plants. While the focus is on these two communities, the pictures, choked with the ever-present haze of summer in the Ohio Valley and power plants looming in the background of nearly every picture, stand as an symbol for the national coal-fired power industry and the critical importance of finding a suitable, sustainable, clean, and renewable replacement for coal.

Anyone who has had to find funding for a personal project knows how important even $30 can be. Whether it is a few meals, a tank of gas, or a few sheets of film (or a single sheet of film in some cases), every dollar counts. So if you have the extra cash, throw down for a print or two. If you have more, consider getting a larger limited edition print— along with knowing you are helping further the creation of important work, you will get a beautiful photograph. What is there to lose?