Print of the Month—April

Between the trip to California and lots of other general busyness I haven't been able to put up a new Print of the Month until now. This month I am featuring an architectural detail of the Duomo in Milan from a visit back in 2008.

Duomo di Milano

About the Editions:

Since most of the work I regularly show is project-based, there are hundreds of images in my files that are never seen, or that I never made a priority to print. Now that I have been scanning and making enlarged negatives for platinum/palladium printing, I have been returning to some of the older work, and, in many cases, printing negatives for the first time.

As a way to bring some of these images out into the light, I will feature a new print each month as a limited-edition platinum/palladium or non-editioned inkjet print at a greatly reduced price to make my work more accessible to friends, new collectors, and fine-art photography enthusiasts.

The platinum/palladium edition is limited to 10 signed and numbered 7.5″x7.5″ prints on 11″x13″ 100% cotton rag Revere Platinum, mounted and overmatted on 4-ply 16″x18″ Artcare Alpharag for a price of $200.

The inkjet edition is a signed 7.5″x.7.5″ print on 8.5″x11″ Canson Rag Photographique for a price of $25. I am now printing with custom-mixed Jon Cone Piezography quad-black inks, which allow for more subtle gradations and because they are pure pigments, without the use of additional color to form the image, are more archival.

If interested, please email me to arrange payment and shipping.