New Work—Tree Stands

I started photographing tree stands used during deer season on a few properties around Bucks County, PA a few autumns ago, and wanted to turn it into a larger series. I knew there was something in the idea to be explored but the photographs I was making were missing something. It wasn't until last week I finally sat up in a few different stands listening and watching the woods for a good while that I thought about how to approach it differently. Photographing from twenty feet up in the tree stands offers a much different view of the woods than we normally have as non-hunters, birds, or squirrels. Here are a few of test shots from earlier the week that I printed in platinum/palladium yesterday. I have been wanting to print on Japanese Kozo or Gampi papers for a while now and think this will finally be an appropriate subject.

Richard Boutwell, Tree Stand #2, 2012

Richard Boutwell, Tree Stand #85, 2012