Special Fundraising Print Sale

Conservation and how we use public land has always been one of the driving forces behind my photography. I've always felt that making pictures and raising awareness was a starting point, but there has always been more I could have done to directly support those efforts. Now, with Trump and Interior Secretary Zinke announcing their plans to shrink and dismantle National Monuments all through the west, there is a real need for direct funding of organizations' legal defense—in this case, Bears Ears and Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monuments.  

Here is a cross post from my teaching site about a special print sale I am running to help raise money to be donated to those organizations defending Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments. All proceeds will be donated to a select group of organizations depending on the number of prints sold (I will make a determination of how it is divided based on the most good it can do).

Summer Exhibition Schedule

Tête-à-Tête: Conversations in Photography

I'm thrilled to have work in my my first museum show that is on view now though mid-September, 2016. This is the first show from the Michener's first curatorial fellow of photography, Kelsey Halliday Johnson. There are 10 pairs of photographers in the show including: Emmet Gowin (who I'm paired with), Andrea Modica, David Graham, Michael A. Smith, Tim Portlock, Daniel Traub, and many more. 

From the Michener's website:

The Tête-à-Tête group exhibition celebrates over 25 years of photographic programming at the Michener and simultaneously takes a look at a new generation of contemporary regional photographers. The show proposes a dialogue between images by presenting unique pairings, each one with a work from the Michener’s permanent collection alongside a photograph by an artist making a debut at the museum.

James A. Michener Art Museum
Bette and Nelson Pfundt Gallery
Doylestown, Pennsylvania
June 11-September 11, 2016


Nevada Test Site, 2009

Light Room's Annual Summer Exhibition

Additional photographs from my Remote Sensing series will be on view in Philadelphia during the Annual Lightroom Summer Exhibition at 3rd Street Gallery. The 1st Friday opening reception is on August 5, 2016, with an artists' reception and talks on Sunday, August 7.

45 North 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
t. (215) 625-0993
Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 12-6pm


Steve McCurry: Afghanistan

The Michener show runs concurrent with a large Steve McCurry exhibition drawing from his extensive body from Afghanistan. Along with the photographs are ephemera and selection beautiful rugs deigned by Afghan women from Azru Studio Hope

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Bang Bang

I have a couple prints from the Mojave Desert Artifacts series in the this group exhibition in Brooklyn. The opening is this Thursday, and it runs all month. Please stop in if you are in the area.


I was having a conversation earlier today about the need to get back to honest discussions about the real issues rather than letting ourselves get led along by people with ulterior motives, usually revolving around maintaining their own power or financial gain. As a country, we get out of the insular feedback loops that are creating larger and larger social chasms rather than stronger interconnected and personal communities.

Boutwell_Mojave Desert Artifact_01.jpg

The show is called "Bang! Bang!, Artists Against Guns" but I guess I should mention that I am not really against guns... I think they have an important, if not complicated, historical significance. They also often have a very important personal significance, which encompasses lots of emotion depending on your personal connection to guns. It a subject that needs more thoughtful conversations and more understanding between everyone and their respective sides on the issue. I am happy that I can be in a show that can bring a different, rational, and informed opinion to the discussion.


Artists against Guns
January 7 – 31, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 7th 2016 from 6 – 9 pm
Gallery GAIA
79 Hudson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Gallery Hours: Fri, Sat, Sun 1 – 7
Phone: 484-523-7861/929-270-8721
E-maIl: jackielima1111@gmail.com
Gallery GAIA Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/Gallery-GAIA-545429298888167/?fref=ts

Go West

I updated the site with a new gallery from photographs of a show currently on view in Philadelphia. Full details can be found here: http://www.bwmastery.com/blog/2015/august-2015-exhibition-announcement

I will be continuing to add to this group of photographs as I re-evalulate and re-interperate work I have made over the last 15 years,

If you are in or around Philadelphia this Friday or Sunday, please come by the gallery to see the show, drink some gallery wine, and have a chat. 

First Friday: August 7, 2015 5 - 9PM
Artist Reception: Sunday, August 9, 2015 2 - 5PM 
Closing: Sunday, August 30, 2015 2 - 5PM 
Address: 45 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19106 Phone: (215) 625-0993


The Light Room, one of Philadelphia’s select photography organizations, will return for their fifth in an annual series of summer group exhibitions. Eight photographers will present their latest work over a range of media and subject matter. The Light Room, founded in 2000, is an artist-run non-profit photographic arts center in Philadelphia. Our goal is to foster an environment in which members can achieve their photographic objectives through the use of modern, professional darkroom and studio facilities, ongoing education, and the sharing of ideas.


Mary Ann Broderick-Pakenham, Richard Boutwell, G. A. Carafelli, Carlos Chan, Ronald Corbin, Annarita Gentile, Josh Marowitz, and Al Wachlin, Jr.


Objects of Our Discontent

I will have a few of my Mojave Desert Artifacts photographs in a pop-up group show that will be in Bethlehem, PA on February 7, and then go to be on view in Philadelphia, New York City, and again for a full month in Bethlehem at the end of the tour. 

BH Studio
945 Bethlehem Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18017
February 7th, 6-10pm

Tour runs February through April 2015
Other cities, venues, and dates to be announced.

Chaz Hampton
Liz Wheeler
Kim Christman
Richard Boutwell
Andrew Lamberson


From the New Vox Gallery Website:

This pop up art show explores our nations relationship with firearms, as well as, the political and cultural issues surrounding this relationship. Five artists examine the symbolism, fascination, and frustration inherent in this subject matter while working with this familiar imagery in a whimsical or sometimes surreal fashion. Each artist has envisioned and created unique pieces such as white ceramic pistols, stacks of golden shotgun shells made from paper coin rolls, images of children playing with water guns, reinterpreted American flags, and more.

This exhibition takes a non-bias stance seeking to engage, educate, and provoke deeper thought and reflection of the issues. The exhibition will be a seamless fusion of art and text. Installed next to each piece of art will be one of the following; firearm statistics, laws and legislations, commentary and prospectives on gun control and gun rights.

The purpose of the exhibit is to build bridges and inspire people to look at the facts on both sides of the debate, hopefully, causing them to think deeply and objectively about their own position or to form one if they haven’t already.



When the Mars rover landed a few years back I wished there was a way to be able to get control of the main mast camera and make some Mars-based art. While they never let me drive the thing, everyone does have access to the images NASA and JPL makes available it does make along its lonely journey.

The idea of using scientific imagery as a basis for art making is't a new one, and there have been a few people doing work with NASA sources imagery for a while. It was the basis for my Sol Invictus series, as well as the Remote Sensing work. These new windows into other worlds allows artists take their photographic and artistic vision to otherwise impossible places—interplanetary art making.

With this new series working with the Martian imagery, it takes the idea of photographic exploration, and how in being the first visual records of places and things automatically makes the photographs beautiful and precious—similar to the first photographs of the American frontier and 19th century colonial photographs of the near and far east. The randomness of the perspective of the rover in otherwise "unphotographic" light turns random arrangements of rocks in desolate landscapes into beautiful compositions of light and form.

Website Redesign

It has been 8+ years since I have done any significant work on the design of this website. Most of that time has been spent using Photo-Eye's Visual Server design and hosting for artist and photographers. A lot has changed in the last few years, and I made the decision to move all my sites to Squarespace, where I can more easily manage all the projects I have going, which makes updating the sites easier with the new work I'm constantly doing (and not have to worry about mobile responsiveness, wordpress, plugins, html87)

I am still sorting through some fine tuning of the design and going back to include older work. Please let me know if you find any issues that I might have missed.

Also, please take a moment to sign up here for news and updated on current and upcoming shows, new work, and the occasional special print offer. 

All the best, 

Richard Boutwell

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My New Site

This hasn't been updated in a long time, but that doesn't mean I haven't been going full tilt for the last few years. I have been doing more personal work, working more with Lodima, and teaching privately.

Based on my background scanning, retouching, and printing for some pretty demanding artists, people have asked me to write about and comment on how to make the best possible black and white digital prints. This has lead to my forthcoming book, three different workshops, and my new website dedicated to Digital Black and White.

I am calling it Black and White Mastery, where I write about the creative and technical aspects making outstanding work. The site will be dedicated to aesthetics,  teaching, and the process of organic visual discovery. I will focus on blog posts and video tutorials, with options for in-person workshops, and one-on-one personalized instruction—in-person or online.

Click the picture or link below to check out the new site, and be sure to sign up to subscribe to future posts and updates at bwmastery.com

Black and White Mastery


New Blog on Platinum/Palladium Printing

I just started a new blog devoted to platinum/palladium printing, where I will be posting about techniques, as well as events and interviews with other platinum/palladium printers and their work.Platinum:Palladium Printing blog Why not just post more about the technical aspects here on my current blog? From the start, I always planned on keeping my personal blog devoted to updates on my work, aesthetic issues, and my thoughts on photography in general. Over the last few years I have become passionaly involved with platinum/palladium printing and want to share what I have learned to the growing number of people beginning to work with the process. With a separate blog, those who only want to read about that can do so without the updates on my personal work, which is becoming more diverse as I incorporate digital appropriation, mixed media, and video installation with my more traditional forms of photographing and print making.

2012 Lightroom Holiday Showcase!

Photo by Erin Yard

Photograph by Erin Yard

Join us Friday, December 7th at theLight Room Gallery for a showcase of fine art photography.Light Room Holiday Show

December 7th – January 5th

Opening Reception: Friday, December 7th,  5 – 9 PM

Located @ The Light Room Gallery:

2024 Wallace Street, Philadelphia PA

Gallery hrs. Saturdays from 12-4PM

Participating Light Room artists include:

Richard Boutwell Ron Corbin Annarita Gentile Richard Gretzinger Josh Marowitz Ranjoo Prasad Tony Rocco Al Wachlin Jr Erin Yard


Photo Review Benefit Auction

I've been helping out at the Photo Review again this year getting things together for the annual benefit auction next weekend. There is a lot of good work that you can usually pick up for a good bargain. Here are a few that I know are knockouts, and make me wish I had the cash to bid on them. I'm sure they are going to make it into a good home...

POST—East of Broad at 1241 Carpenter Street

I can't believe this will be my fifth year participating inPhiladelphia's Open Studio Tour—going back to the first year at Project Basho and the mad dash to finish the gallery space.  I will be showing tons of work from noon to 6 this Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 20, 21)  at the Studios at 1241 Carpenter Street. It is a large studio building with a good group of diverse artists so be sure to check out some of the other people involved. I will be on the second floor so ask the person at the door for directions of just follow the signs.

Here is a link to the address with a map. Hope to see you there

New Remote Sensing Work

I started an off-shoot of my Remote Sensing a few weeks ago. The work in the new series looks at development along the Eastern Seaboard, which has been something have been wanting to explore for the last few years.  Here are a few that I just finished, Atlantic City, and the Outer Banks. I will hit the darkroom this weekend to print in platinum/palladium to show at the portfolio reviews at Atlanta Celebrates Photography and the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours.

Outer Banks 1-3, 2012 from the series, Remote Sensing, 2008-2012

Sol Invictus—Installation Views

28 Sunrises, 2012 installation view

For the past few years I have been altering satellite images appropriated from scientific and mapping applications, first with Google Earth, stitching hundreds of images and altering them to be printed in platinum/palladium, and now compositing images of the sun from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite.

With these new large-scale photo-based installations I manipulate appropriated images of the sun and print on clear film backed with gold leaf. The series stems from origins in ancient sun worship and its evolution to the worship of gold and to what could now be seen as the worship of technology. Dependence on technology, and the potentially devastating effect this year’s solar storms could have on it, caused me to look more closely to the sun, and reexamine that original idea of the Invincible Sun.

The nature of the gold leaf makes photographing them difficult, and I am working on scanning some of the larger ones, and will update my website with more from the series soon. Until then, here are a few installation views from the August show at Philadelphia's 3rd Street Gallery.

Installation View, 28 Sunrises, 2012

instation view detail, 28 Sunrises, 2012

Installation view, 3 X-class solar flares

Closing this week—Sol Invictus

A group show with work from my new series, Sol Invictus, will be closing this Sunday, August 26th at the 3rd Street Gallery on Second Street in Olde City, Philadelphia (58 North 2nd Street). There will be a closing reception from 2-5PM with drinks and light fare. If you can't make the closing reception the gallery hours are Wednesday-Sunday noon–5PM.

This new work is more of a departure from my beginnings in straight landscape photography, but stems from my recent work altering satellite images appropriated from scientific and mapping applications, first with Google Earth, stitching hundreds of images and altering them to be printed in platinum/palladium, and now compositing images of the sun from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite.

With these new large-scale photo-based installations I manipulate appropriated images of the sun and print on clear film backed with gold leaf. The series stems from origins in ancient sun worship and its evolution to the worship of gold and to what could now be seen as the worship of technology. Dependence on technology, and the potentially devastating effect this year’s solar storms could have on it, caused me to look more closely to the sun, and reexamine that original idea of the Invincible Sun.

Openings in Philadelphia and Portland

I am thrilled to have a large platinum/palladium print from my Remote Sensing series in Philadelphia Photo Art Center's 3rd Annual Competition and Exhibition. The opening is tomorrow, July 12th, from 6-9. The openings at PPAC are always a blast and you can bet I'll be there all night. Image

Also currently on view is another large platinum/palladium print from the same series at Portland, Oregon's Newspace Center for Photography. The opening was last Friday, and I regret that I couldn't make it out West for it and catch up with old friends in the area.


Print of the Month — June

This month I am featuring a print from my 2009 trip to Spain, where I photographed along the Costa Brava north of Barcelona. It was a fairly short trip, but the most stunning stretch of road was the Cap de Creus National Park just outside of the resort town or Roses—I could go back for weeks and weeks and never tire of the white cliffs that fall right into Mediterranean. Cap de Creus, Spain — Print of the month for June

About the Editions:

Since most of the work I regularly show is project-based, there are hundreds of images in my files that are never seen, or that I never made a priority to print. Now that I have been scanning and making enlarged negatives for platinum/palladium printing, I have been returning to some of the older work, and, in many cases, printing negatives for the first time.

As a way to bring some of these images out into the light, I will feature a new print each month as a limited-edition platinum/palladium or non-editioned inkjet print at a greatly reduced price to make my work more accessible to friends, new collectors, and fine-art photography enthusiasts.

The platinum/palladium edition is limited to 10 signed and numbered 7.5″x7.5″ prints on 11″x13″ 100% cotton rag Revere Platinum, mounted and overmatted on 4-ply 16″x18″ Artcare Alpharag for a price of $200.

The inkjet edition is a signed 7.5″x.7.5″ print on 8.5″x11″ Canson Rag Photographique for a price of $25. I am now printing with custom-mixed Jon Cone Piezography quad-black inks, which allow for more subtle gradations and because they are pure pigments, without the use of additional color to form the image, are more archival.

If interested, please email me to arrange payment and shipping.

New Work — Remote Sensing 2008-2012

Bushveld Complex, South Africa I just updated my website with recent prints from a series I have been working with on and off for the past four years, which I first posted about two years ago in response to Gursky's Oceans series.

This body of work evolved as an extension of my conventional photographic work looking at man's relationship with the environment and landscape. While I continue to work in the mode of direct connection and interaction with the world through the camera, this series uses appropriated satellite and high-altitude aerial images from Google Earth as source material for making high-resolution files images that I digitally manipulate and then print in platinum-palladium. I chose the platinum-palladium process primarily for the rich depth of its beautiful, warm tonal scale, and its unsurpassed stability and archival properties. In these photographs, beauty and permanence stand in juxtaposition to the impermanence of the purely digital source material, the nature of the subject, and the changing world itself.

Trinity Test Site

Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Black Thunder Thermal Coal Mine, Wyoming

Tree Stands on Kozo

I just started printing the new tree stands work in platinum/palladium on thin handmade Japanese paper, and they are turning out better than I imagined (as soon as I got used to working on something with the texture and strength of wet kleenex). I have been wanting to make platinum prints on Kozo paper for a few years now due to the rich blacks and silk-like reflectance of the darker tones, but never felt like I had an appropriate reason or subject matter for it. I am working on more throughout the Spring and Summer, but here are a few from the printing session last week. ImageImage